Cloud backup service is a data storing package that store photos, documents and data in Why you need a cloud backup service, and how to use one an online repository from a desktop to phone. Its accessible to you anytime you need to use it.

It ensures keeping safely and a cleans up-to-date copy of data in your pc somewhere safe in a server online safe. This allows automatic file backup scheduled that takes care of critical files when an unannounced hard drive or mother board burnout is experienced. 

Thanks to cloud backup the agility to store and restore data has improved as cloud computing increases flexibility of technological and infrastructure resources to the user.

Thus allowing networks storage data backup across the internet without needing to know where is the physical location of storage and cutting costs to invest on hard drives .

Multi tenancy enables users to share information, files and documents across wide range of users. Encryption and security is a bigger factor here and data is

Encrypted before sending it to the cloud ,is more safe and is called end to end encryption. Therefore hacks cannot read or change files once uploaded to the server and this is offered on a pay-per-usage model. 

Easy implementation and affordability makes cloud backup more than a necessity. In order to use this services one does not require a special training program or use an enormous amount of money to ensure safe and easy retrieval of data required at any time.

Using cloud back up is so easy that it only takes less than ten minutes to start and run the storage and retrieval processes. Today, a decent phone or laptop is considered to have the cloud backup services including one drive and drop box applications . This makes it more affordable . 

Now the question begs , how do you use a cloud backup service? Well, one needs to download and install the program if it’s not yet installed.

Then the second step is to sign up using an email and a password, agree to the terms of the service provider and choose files from your device that you want backed up . Synchronization is normally involved due to the same file being moved. 

There are many cloud storage providers on the internet and the numbers tend to go higher every single day. Such familiar providers are well known companies that offer cloud storage .

mail stores email messages on servers for users to access them from computers and mobile phones devices when connected to the internet. Social networks sites like MySpace and Facebook allows users to post pictures ,that are all stored in the sites server. 

Given the reasons above cloud computing services are clearly picking up speed to many companies, creating narrow list of solutions and unlimited support storage space to lager businesses companies and users.