5 Ways to Tell That Your Back-up is Failing

There is nothing as disturbing as realizing that all your data are lost because your back-up has completely failed. It can make work really difficult especially if the data belongs to an organization you are managing. To avoid such frustrations, you need to be keen enough to know when the back-up has started failing. This may help you look or its remedy or to look for an alternative way to back-up your documents. The following are ways to tell that your back-up is failing:

  1. Disappearing data

When you are sure that you had a document saved in the drive the previous day but now you cannot trace it, it means that your back up has just started to fail. It may be so disappointing to search all through in your computer but fail to get something you are very sure that you had saved.

  1. The computer fails to recognize your back-up

This is very common but again disappointing. When you want to connect you back up, say a hard disk drive to your computer but it is failing to be recognized, maybe your back up has started to fail. The problem may not be the computer but the back-up.

  1. Crushing of your computer

This is very common with failing back-up. At the time you are busy doing something using your computer when connected to the back-up, and then suddenly the computer reboots or just has a blue inactive screen. This shows that the back-up is failing.

  1. Very slow access time

When opening documents from your computer, we expect that it is a very short procedure that should not keep you waiting. However, you can realize that the process is very slow. The files open very slowly. Your cursor keeps dancing on your screen without opening the file. This is an indication that the back-up is failing.

  1. Strange noises

When you realize that your computer is making some strange noise when connected to your external drive, in this case, a back-up, you should know that it is time to take care very quickly. The drive may be at its last points of serving you. The noise may be the type of grinding that makes you feel uncomfortable in your teeth.

The above signs should be enough to tell you that the back-up is failing. Before it gets to be damaged fully, you can consider looking for a remedy. this is the only way to save yourself from losing data.