10 Steps to E-Commerce Success

A successful e-commerce program can transform your business. It opens the door to a stronger brand, robust mapping of pricing for your products and services, an energized brick and mortar like retail effort and a better understanding of and close relationship with your clients.

But how do you harness the power of e-commerce? Where do you begin? In this article, we highlight 10 Steps to E-Commerce Success.

10 Steps to E-Commerce Success

  1. clarify the opportunity.

Whether you are starting or jumpstarting your e-commerce experience, begin with an analysis of the current potential. That means you need to review your current brand strength, conversion rates, web traffic, online pricing issues, competitors success, and technology implications. Only after you develop a realistic vision for the scope and scale of the opportunity, then you can start preparing the right strategic approach. If you have not reviewed these issues, then you might be missing some critical changes and competitive challenge.

  1. Explore the business model.

To succeed in the e-commerce industry, you must deliver the best in class customer experience. Your clients are the biggest asset to your business. So, you must give them an experience that will make them want always to shop form your store every time, and also refer their friends. To achieve this, you must create an elegant online experience, as well as a responsive customer call center for resolving clients issues if there will be any. With an impeccable and timely fulfillment of clients needs and ongoing digital communication with your customers help build brand loyalty.

  1. Software development.

There are different investment models for the e-commerce software required. You can decide to buy the whole package of software and customize it yourself or subscribe, and you will be given online support everytime you need it. Depending on the software model that you choose, ensure the technology in place will provide you with leverage above your competitors.

  1. Integration Strategy.

Do you want to integrate your e-commerce platform with other software? Which type of technology are you running? Is it open source? Today, the trend is to find a software technology that assists in reducing the number of internal platforms to be managed.

  1. Setup Payment System

During the initial stages, you may not have many clients. However, with time, your client base will start increasing; thus you need to start implementing your payment system as early as possible. Every payment system should have:

A secure digital certificate responsible for authenticating the website’s identity and encrypting important information sent to the server.

PCI compliant. If you are PCI compliant, it makes customers feel safe while shopping at your store.

  1. Handle abandoned carts.

You can never be successful if clients do not spend money on your store. That is why getting them through to the checkout process as quickly and effortlessly as possible. This is one of the most crucial factors to online success.

  1. Payment options.

If you are starting an e-commerce business, accepting credit cards and Paypal purchases will increase your sales.

  1. Shipping cost

Fast, simple reliable and effective shipping process if the best way to keep your clients coming back to your store. Shipping costs can make or break your business. The easiest way to avoid abandoned carts is to offer free shipping.

  1. Mobile Friendly.

Almost 82% of all those who shop online are using their mobile devices. Thus, your store must be mobile responsive; otherwise, you are going to lose a good chunk of clients.

  1. Marketing

Having an online presence alone may not be an effective way to drive sales to your store. Hence, after doing an analysis and ensuring that your online store meets the basic tenets highlighted above, you need to go viral through digital marketing. Having a compelling content and customized and secure to remember domain name will give you an edge above your competitors.

Starting an e-commerce store does not need to be hard. In fact, with a convenient platform, it is easy to pursue your dream of owning your empire.