Author: Henry Hughes

What to Expect from E3 in 2019

The Entertainment Software Association announced that E3 2019 would be held in Los Angeles Convention Center from June 11th to 13th. 69 200 individual attended E3 in 2018. There were over 200 exhibitors, and 85 of them attended E3 for the first time. The CEO and President of the Entertainment Software Association, Michael D. Gallagher

Top 5 Free Messaging Apps

Text messaging is slowly overpowering other methods of communication. It is easy to do, fast and does not require that you to pause what you are doing as you can perfectly multi-task. Although some people still prefer the traditional way of talking over the phone, more people communicate through text messages today. Apart from SMS

5 Ways to Tell That Your Back-up is Failing

There is nothing as disturbing as realizing that all your data are lost because your back-up has completely failed. It can make work really difficult especially if the data belongs to an organization you are managing. To avoid such frustrations, you need to be keen enough to know when the back-up has started failing. This

What We Know About Government IT

States have grown in their technology sector in different miles. They strive to do better when it comes to information technology than the private sectors but different challenges pull them back. Every state has pressing needs that force it to work towards improving its technological infrastructure depending on its businesses, industrialization, level of literacy of

10 Steps to E-Commerce Success

A successful e-commerce program can transform your business. It opens the door to a stronger brand, robust mapping of pricing for your products and services, an energized brick and mortar like retail effort and a better understanding of and close relationship with your clients. But how do you harness the power of e-commerce? Where do