Data is considered one of the most integral assets of any organizations and individuals alike. Key things to consider when assessing cloud backup and recovery

assessing cloud backup and recovery
assessing cloud backup and recovery

Be That as it may, very few people appreciate the importance of implementing effective data safeguarding measures such as online backups that are meant to ensure that your data is safe at all times.

Online backups are essential since they ensure that even if your own in-house system breaks down or crashes, you will still be in.

A position to access your data. Online backups differ from traditional backup solutions since .

They do not require you to invest in your own in-house storage instead; the data is backed up in the cloud. This is both a cost effective and more reliable approach to backing up of data and information since backing up of data in .

The cloud ensures that your data is secured even if your in-house backup solutions have been compromised. 


Black blaze is a comprehensive online backup solution that has been designed to ensure that you are able to protect your data from any type of disaster or damage. One.

Thing that makes Black blaze an effective online backup solution is the fact that it features an easy to use user interface that allows you to easily monitor fundamental aspects such as .

The last time the data was backed up, settings regarding automatic backups and other such important aspects relating to the data. 


Crabonite is another effective online backup solution that facilitates an almost seamless backup of pertinent data items such as the desktop, email messages and documents.

The carbonite backup solution has been optimized for both Windows and Mac oriented operating systems thus underscoring its cross platform credentials. In addition to that.

The backup solution can operate in the background allowing you to use the computer in a more or less normal fashion while the background process is going on. 


The third online backup solution is Crashplan. Crashplan is another online backup solution that is designed that is relatively affordable as compared to many other backup solutions out there.

Despite its affordability, the backup software is indeed quite effective since it packs several features that are designed to enhance its overall functionality.

Among the most notable features of Crashplan include: continuous backup, online restoration option and support for 448 bit encryption. 


Sugarsync is an online backup solution that is preferred due to its unique synchronization capabilities. The online backup solution enables you to easily synchronize your devices such as .

Your smartphone and computer and this is essential especially due to the fact that most organizations store data in different devices. Furthermore, the backup solution has capacity to .

Host unlimited number of devices and this implies that all devices including laptops, smartphones, tablets and other such devices can have their data backed up by the solution in a more or less simultaneous fashion. 


MozyHome is another online backup service that is available for a modest fee. One of the most notable attributes of this software solution is the fact that it packs several features .

that are geared towards making it an easy-to-use solution. In addition to that, the software enables users to closely monitor the data that has been backed up at any given time.